I Know What I Did Last Summer (and Fall)

I make it a point to never apologize for extended absences from this here blog or make empty promises about renewed dedication (you get what you get, in my book), but I’ve been hyper-focused on a few different projects and thought I would let you know where my attention has been directed in the seven months since quitting my day job. Here are three big projects that I've working on in addition to my day-to-day (you might see a common thread):

Maker’s Nation

Maker’s Nation is my baby—a nonprofit organization I founded that is dedicated to teaching business skills to independent creative entrepreneurs of all disciplines and across the continent. As with most startup endeavors, it’s been slower going than I would like to admit. But that’s okay. We have some amazing plans in the works, and the first quarter of 2014 will be our golden hour for a full launch including our inaugural programming. Founding memberships are available now, which you can learn more about (as well as check out our blog and sign up for our mailing list) on the Maker’s Nation website.

World Domination Summit

Back in March I was recruited to join the core production team for the World Domination Summit, an annual gathering of unconventional people focused on the themes of community, adventure, and service. The event is hosted by author and blogger Chris Guillebeau, and brought nearly 3,000 people from around the world to Portland this summer.

We break world records, challenge our speakers to do something amazing, and encourage community building, global citizenship, and living an unconventional life in a conventional world. Planning is already underway for July 2014 and the next round of ticket sales is coming in the next few months. Learn more on the WDS website and sign up for the mailing list if you want to be among the first to be notified.

Pioneer Nation

Joining forces with the WDS team has been an amazing personal and professional experience, and shortly after WDS 2013 drew to a close, the inimitable Chris Guillebeau approached some of us with a new idea: let’s take what we’ve learned from WDS and build a gathering for independent entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace the DIY work revolution. Our team of co-producers (Chris, Jolie, Tyler, Sean, Nicky, and myself) have been scrambling to pull it all together on a condensed timeline, and I’m proud to say that tickets are officially on sale!

The three-day event here in Portland from March 26–28 will have a bias toward skill-building and actionable next steps for those who attend. And we’re not talking about the traditional sell-your-startup-to-Google model. Independent entrepreneurs are those who want to have real business with real customers, and choose to do so on a small scale and largely for themselves. Learn more on the Pioneer Nation website and act quickly if you’re interested in attending—special “pioneer” pricing is only good for the first 200 tickets, and last I checked there were only 100 left.

You might say I’ve been a little busy!

What have you been working on? I'd like to know, big or small.