Photos by Gia Goodrich

Maker's Nation

Find your people the old-fashioned way.
Better your business the 21st-century way.

In 2012, I founded Maker's Nation, setting out to create a nonprofit organization that would offer business education and community support for independent creative entrepreneurs.

The program was launched officially in May 2014, 501(c)(3) status was granted in August, and 2015 was the first year. I ran Maker's Nation pro bono as founder and president until the end of 2016, when the board of directors voted to dissolve the organization and I focused my maker community efforts by partnering with Sharon Fain at Academy of Handmade.

The mission of Maker's Nation was to arm creative entrepreneurs with the business education and community network they need to thrive in the creative economy.

Maker's Nation addresses three key aspects of the creative business reality:

  1. Makers aren't learning the business skills they need to grow and thrive as professionals, either through higher education or DIY business pursuits.
  2. Makers tend to isolate themselves in their homes, studios, and workshops, and miss out on important face time with their community.
  3. Makers should open their minds to new ideas and perspectives from peers outside of their own creative discipline.

By offering in-person educational programs, unique community-building opportunities, and bringing a broad spectrum of independent creative entrepreneurs to the table, Maker's Nation fills the professional and social void that many creatives are feeling.