The Producer

Here, let me take this ginormous weight off your shoulders. Having a dedicated event producer and production manager (especially if this is your first foray into hosting a conference or large event) means you don't need to worry about the nitty gritty and you can leave all of the details to the professionals. As your producer, I'll do my damnedest to set your event up for success, handling everything from scouting out the perfect venue to managing the money and vendors and getting all the ducks in a row come showtime. My typical responsibilities as your producer include:

  • Scouting and contracting with the right venue
  • Drafting, finalizing, and managing your budget
  • Basic stage or room design
  • Attendee experience design
  • Managing designed elements, including swag production
  • Technical production management
  • Sourcing and contracting audio/visual vendors
  • Collecting and preparing presenter assets (slides, videos, etc.)
  • Reviewing and finalizing your run of show document
  • Providing technical staff (stage manager, media operator, etc.)
  • Coordinating food and beverage with venue and/or caterers