The Moneyman

Many conference organizers don't realize what they're getting into where money is concerned, or don't know where to start when they're trying to make their event financially sustainable. Let me bring my experience running events of all sizes and budgets to the table and help you take the reigns of the money end of things by identifying your financial goals, planning for the unexpected or oft-overlooked, and tracking the in and out cash flow. Here's what I can offer:

  • Revenue/Expense Collection
  • Budget Delivery (hi/low/target range at dept. level) with one revision
  • Working Budget Delivery (hi/low/target range at detail level)
  • Optional add-ons for additional venues to consider in Draft stage

Note: I am not a professional accountant, bookkeeper, or financial planner, so please don't expect me to be a substitute for professional financial services. I can definitely help you build and oversee your event budget, however!